Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Revit Structure 2011- Checking for Rebar Interferences

As part of the Subscription Extensions there is now the ability to verify that your reinforcement design is correct by running a reinforcement interference check via the extensions manager.  This is assuming you have access to the subscription website which is available to Autodesk clients(previously a great sales tool to get the latest and greatest software as its released) now an even better tool to keep up to date with all the new stuff being developed.

First you must begin by placing reinforcement within the properties of concrete structural members via the extensions manager.  Select each member individually and go to the extensions manager to define what type of member is going to be reinforced.

First place the beam reinforcement based on what ever layout rules and type of rebar you require from the Revit library.:

Place column reinforcement and Footing reinforcement again, based on layout rules that suit your structural design.

After all the reinforcement for a typical structural bay has been defined, then you can now run an reinforcement interference check for the selected families.  This intereference check will verify that there is no overlapping geometry based on your rebar placement, thereby reducing unnessary collisions with your rebar layout.

I always like to make my rebar be visible in the 3D view, this can be done by selecting the rebar families and then going to the visibility states in the properties and making sure that its visible as a solid in the 3D view.  Anything in 3D is always good as far as I'm concerned.
Select the members that you want to run the check on:

Selcect the Interference Check of reinforcing bars from the extension manager list of extensions

This new window will show you a list of all the interferences tht occur within the family and with any other adjacent family that also has reinforcement embers assigned to it.

These results can then be exported out to word, or excel, hope you like this extension.